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5-8 years




485 EUR


7 speed


9.9 kg


Lava Red


Violet Pink

NEO 20" Violet Pink

The Doppler NEO 20 is a game-changer in kids' cycling. This isn't just a bike; it's your child's first experience with gears and disc brakes.
Designed for young riders ready to level up, the NEO20 offers the perfect blend of control, safety, and excitement. It's not just a first bike—it's a first taste of freedom. Get ready to elevate your child's ride with the Doppler NEO20.

  • Lightweight alloy fork and frame

  • High performance disc brake

  • Reach-adjustable brake levers specifically designed for kids

  • Extra-wide tyres provide a larger contact area with the ground, ensuring a safer, more balanced ride for your little ones. Perfect for beginners,

  • Kid-first geometry offers the confidence to explore and the stability to keep them riding.

  • Optional carrier and mudguard available


Discover the Unparalleled Features of Doppler Bikes! Engineered with precision and a keen understanding of young riders, our bikes boast a myriad of features tailored to elevate every cycling adventure. From our kid-first geometry, ensuring a comfortable and safe riding posture, to our lightweight yet durable frames, designed for easy handling and longevity. Experience the stability and smooth suspension provided by our wide tyres and enjoy the aesthetic appeal of our stylish designs. At Doppler, every feature is meticulously crafted, combining safety, style, and superb functionality to create the ultimate riding experience for your child

20 Roze_1920 Roze180.jpg

FeatherLite frame technology

Meet Doppler's 'FeatherLite' technology - our proprietary alloy lightweight frame and fork design. Despite its lightness, FeatherLite doesn't compromise on safety or handleability. It ensures our bikes are easy for kids to maneuver, while maintaining the robustness needed for safe riding. Experience the perfect balance of weight, safety, and control with Doppler's FeatherLite technology - because every ride matters.

Mechanical disc brakes

Choosing Mechanical Disc Brakes: At Doppler, we prioritize both efficiency and simplicity. Our choice of mechanical disc brakes ensures the same robust stopping power you'd expect, but without the complexities and maintenance concerns of mineral oil systems.

It's our way of delivering consistent, reliable braking performance while keeping bike care straightforward and hassle-free for parents and young riders alike

20 Roze_5420 Roze170_edited.jpg
20 Roze_4420 Roze70_edited.jpg

Wide tyres

​wide tyres that deliver unparalleled stability, striking looks, and smooth suspension

Lightweight rigid fork

At Doppler, we don't believe in using cheap, ineffective suspension forks. Instead, we equip our bikes with a high-quality, lightweight alloy fork. Why? Because we know that a well-designed fork provides the handling and safety your child needs.

And for the suspension? We leave that to our wide tyres, which absorb shocks far more effectively than any low-quality suspension fork could. With Doppler, you get real value, not gimmicks

20 Roze_120 Roze0_edited.jpg
20 Roze_6920 Roze320_edited.jpg

Double chain guard

"Double Chain Guard Assurance: We know there's nothing more frustrating than a chain falling off in the middle of a ride.

That's why Doppler bikes come equipped with a unique double chain guard feature. This design ensures the chain remains securely in place, even during the most adventurous rides, preventing those untimely interruptions.

Beyond just convenience, it also offers added protection against potential snags and injuries. 

Internal cable routing

Streamlined with Internal Cable Routing: At Doppler, every detail matters. Our bikes feature internal cable routing, not only for a sleek, uninterrupted aesthetic but also to protect the cables from external elements.

This design choice enhances the bike's overall look, giving it a clean and modern appearance, while also ensuring optimal performance by reducing wear and tear.

With Doppler, style and functionality ride side by side, making every journey a stylish affair.

20 Roze_5420 Roze170_edited.jpg
20 Roze_120 Roze0_edited.jpg

Gear & shifter

th NEO 20 bikes are equipped with a 7-speed gear system, mirroring the gears on big bikes, and offering the perfect introduction for young riders to learn the nuances of shifting.

We believe in providing a genuine cycling experience, and with these gears, your child can smoothly transition between speeds, mastering the art of gear shifting just like the pros.

It's the ideal setup for budding cyclists to get a taste of advanced biking, preparing them for bigger adventures ahead.

Kid-first geometry

Frame size


Standover height




Top tube length


Seat tube length


Seat tube angle


Head tube angle









Featherlite alloy


Kenda 20 x 2.25"


20" double butted alloy black


Microshift TS71 7speed


Microshift RD-M21 7speed


Lightweight alloy rigid


HL Zoom alloy 500mm


Soft grip Kraton Gel 100mm




Tektro Aires mechanical disc brake

Seat post

HL Zoom alloy 250mm

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